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Danny Dyer is a top fackin geezer

He’s a brash, foul-mouthed cockney who’s obsessed with West Ham FC. He also did this recently. What’s not to love?

Danny Dyer’s life and career has been eventful to say the least. He’s starred in theatre productions and films that have been really successful, then he’s accepted roles ‘just for the money’ which were pretty terrible. He talks about this a lot in his latest book, The World According to Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East Endas well as big topics like women, politics and aliens (he’s a big believer). 

I’m not making Danny out to be an amazing life coach – he’s not, and he knows he isn’t – but what he is, is hilariously honest, and always interesting. Here’s the best bits:


Danny on his ‘perfect woman’.


And his jealously of Victoria Wood’s rabbit-smuggling slag of a husband.

image2 (1)

On his love for soul music.

image1 (1)

He’s still a romantic.


He really misses his beloved pet, Sam.

If you need more ‘Dannyisms’ take a look at a collection of his best tweets.


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