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Swearing is f*cking great

You’ve just stubbed your toe. There’s a 90% chance that you’ve broken it. That sick feeling rises in your throat. What do you do next?

  1. Nothing. I’ve got stuff to do – didn’t even hurt that much anyway.
  2. Cry. A big ugly cry.
  3. Swear: that really fucking hurt.

If you chose a – who even are you? If a big ugly cry is more your thing, then that’s ok. If you chose option 3, then you’re probably super intelligent, emotionally stable, plus you’ve just given yourself some free pain relief!

Who needs paracetamol?

Ok, so this sounds like bullshit, but it’s been proven. Really.

Cold? Reel off a list of expletives

Psychologist Richard Stephens of Keele University conducted a study in which he measured how long college students could keep their hands immersed in cold water. Students were asked to repeat an expletive of their choice or chant a neutral word. The students who chose to swear reported less pain and on average endured about 40 seconds longer. Stephens’ advice is: “If you hurt yourself, swear.”

This kind of reaction is similar to our ‘fight or flight’ reaction. Sometimes the swear just slips out – it’s almost a reflex. If you tend to swear only occasionally it’s likely to help you deal with your pain more efficiently. But if you swear a lot, it probably won’t help your stubbed toe that much. Sorry, Danny Dyer.


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