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Already missing The Walking Dead? Take a look at this…

So, the last episode of The Walking Dead left us on a HUGE cliffhanger, and we’ve all got to wait until October to find out who met Lucille.


BUT. There’s something you can watch and/or read whilst you’re waiting – another great collection from Robert Kirkman: Outcast

Outcast is a supernatural horror revolving around protagonist, Kyle Barnes’ demons. Figuratively and literally.


So I’m addicted within the first few pages. It’s creepy, there are lots of things that you haven’t been told yet and there’s lots of blood and gore. Plus, the theme of religion is crucial throughout, making it stand out from other graphic novels, giving it a multi-dimensional story: Is the devil in all of us?

All of this is only made better by Paul Azaceta’s incredible artwork:



Volume 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him ends ambiguously…but don’t worry, it’s nowhere near as bad as what WD did to us (will we ever get over it?). Instead, it leads you nicely into the next. So far there’s 17 volumes – Kirkman produces one a month, like the WD series. So there’s quite a few of them to binge-read whilst you’re waiting for it to hit TV screens in June.

Until then – get reading! And try to forget all about Lucille’s latest victim…



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