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Reading Challenge 2016

Cat Haiku (2001) – Deborah Coates

  • No.9 ‘A book of Haiku’

Cats are great. Annoying, weird, hilarious and great. If you’ve got a cat you’ll know this already. If not, have you ever used the internet?! Coincidently, haiku poetry is also great.

Originating from Japan, a haiku traditionally has three lines.

The first line contains 5 syllables

The second has 7

And the third finishes with 

Being so short and precise, they can often prove difficult to write – especially if you’re trying to continue a certain theme throughout. Most traditional haiku poems tend to focus on nature and wildlife. Arguably, Deborah Coates does focus on wildlife….if you consider domesticated cats ‘wild’.

But who cares?

Cats were supposedly worshipped in ancient Egypt, so why not dedicate an entire book of haiku to their weird and wonderful ways?  On why she decided to write Cat Haiku, Deborah comments,

“Cats seem to think – and even communicate – in a haiku-like fashion. And that’s intriguing, and often funny.”

Once you start to think about it this way, it’s almost like a collection of felines have written the entire book.

Here are a few of my favourites:




If you think you could write a purrfect cat haiku, Deborah asks for you to send your creations to – “they will be eagerly read and cheerfully responded to – or at least the nice ones will be.”



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