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Macbeth – The Graphic Novel

Reading Challenge 2016

  • No.4 ‘A graphic novel adaptation of a classic novel’

So I’ve cheated slightly. I am fully aware that Macbeth is a play, but it was already sitting on my shelf so I had to make do with what I had.

Produced by Classical Comics, my copy of Macbeth is written in the original text, it’s also available in two other formats: Plain text and Quick text. If you’re unsure of which style to get, here’s an example:


This post is more of an appreciation of the play and graphic novel entwined – there is no way I’m going to start reviewing and critiquing Shakespeare’s work! So, instead here are some images of my favourite art work, quotes and characters from the novel:

Aside from the fantastic art work, these comics can be really useful for teachers who are attempting to get their students interested in Shakespeare.

Shakespearian language can be tricky and tasking, but with the multiple language formats and corresponding images it makes reading the works of Shakespeare simple and enjoyable.

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  • List of Shakespeare¬†plays



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