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Self-confessed notebook hoader

The feeling of writing in a new notebook is heavenly.

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Did you own any of these bestselling albums of the 90s?

The 90s: an era of girl power, grunge, dungarees, Damon Albarn’s hair, the Gallagher brother’s eyebrows, furbies, tamagotchis, combats and those hideous chain wallets.

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You need music in your life – scientists say so

Music makes us feel good. It gives us a spring in our step and that sweet happy vibe, but there’s more…

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Sarcastic emojis – which one do you use?

Here at Crocstar, we’re partial to an emoji or two (or three).

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Apostrophe Catastrophe

If you’re really good at using apostrophes correctly, congratulations. But, a lot of us struggle placing them pesky things – before or after the s?!

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Books that are almost as hot as this motherf*cking weather

Unless you live miles underground, you’ll have realised, it’s pretty hot today.

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Danny Dyer is a top fackin geezer

He’s a brash, foul-mouthed cockney who’s obsessed with West Ham FC. He also did this recently. What’s not to love?

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