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Quotes from wonderful women that you need in your life

After being inspired by Adele and Beyoncé declaring their love for eachother at the Grammys, we’ve collected a bunch of our favourite quotes from our favourite female artists. Advertisements

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9 things you’ll here in the Crocstar office everyday

A collection of classic phrases you’re bound to hear in the Crocstar office. You’ve been warned.

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2008 in film

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Perfect pitstops: The Lighthouse Restaurant

This one is for the serious foodies out there…

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What does your choice of festival say about you?

City scenes, muddy fields or a picturesque park. Nope, these aren’t new Instagram filters, they’re the locations of some of the most popular music festivals in the UK.

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Perfect pitstops: f’coffee in Matlock Bath

Got a sweet tooth? You need to try one of these freakshakes.

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One-hit wonders: where are they now?

Sometimes, all you need is just one good thing. And that’s exactly what these bands had.

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